Guess the FIVE letter word in the least number of tries.

You can now challenge your friends to one on one battles to see who can score the most points! Points are determined by how many guesses you make, as well as how many matching letters you find in each guess. You and your friend might both find the word in 3 tries, but you may have scored higher for finding more letters in each guess!

Three game modes are available

  • Unlimited Play – Play as many games as you want, as often as you want. No need to wait until midnight.
  • Daily Word – Find the same daily word that is being solved by millions across the Internet each day. See how you rank among your friends. A new word is available at the stroke of midnight!
  • Challenge your friends on one on one games to see who can find the word in less tries, and how many letters found in each try.
    Your stats and rankings are saved forever, and will not be lost by clearing your cookies or using a different device like other web versions of the game.
    Challenge your friends to the most popular viral game in the world!

For support, contact us at wordie@mxstudios